Band Craft for Jazz Singers ***All Places Taken

with Kate Mullins

Kate has been teaching voice one to one and on jazz/voice courses for the past 10 years. An alumni of Trinity College of Music, she is probably most well for her work as one third of the internationally acclaimed vocal harmony trio, The Puppini Sisters

Kate is a specialist in vocal harmony and arranging in this style. Her voice lessons focus on solid technical foundations that help to enable good vocal habits and emotional freedom in the singer. Kate believes that a good grasp of musical theory is an important part of becoming a more adaptable and flexible jazz vocalist and scat and improvisational techniques are another key component of her teaching style.

Workshop Details

Sunday 1 August 2021

1pm-5.30pm - Workshop (including refreshment break)

6.15-7.15pm - Student Concert with Terence Collie (piano), Richard Sadler (bass), Rha Stranges (drums)

Book Here: £80 (includes entry for the RAJ evening concert featuring Kate Mullins and Jon Shenoy)

Band Craft for Jazz Singers - How to lead and instruct a band with more finesse and confidence!

Restricted to just 10 participants, each will bring their own jazz standard of choice of which they will then go on to perform in the early evening concert. 

Kate Mullins
Kate Mullins